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John Rattigan

John Rattigans quirky paintings capture a world of imagination. Regularly featuring owls, birds and monkeys each piece is totally unique. As well as quirky geometric monkeys, branches and totems of birds and owls John paints onto a mix of unusual sizes of canvas from long thin portrait and panoramic to round canvases and triptychs as well as large square and rectangular showstoppers.

John also paints and sketches watercolour and ink originals. Often featuring his monkey designs and quirky birds in boats.

All John's characters share a number of preoccupations – the use of rich colours with strong geometric or decorative features often combined with anthropomorphic elements – with birds or animals taking on human characteristics, with some looking angry or melancholic while others look joyful or mischievous.

We have a selection of everchanging originals at the Whynot Gallery